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Variety is definitely something that people can take for granted. ┬áThis was never more evident to me than in my sex life. I was always raised to believe in being with one person and making the union work. Well that just hasn’t worked for me and it took a few tries and a crazy intervention in order for me to come to my senses. I had been in steady relationships for a long time and it always seemed like I was the one giving myself and not receiving very much in return. I’m definitely an educated man, but when it comes to passions of the heart, I’m quite a novice.

My friends tried telling me that they didn’t like the girls that I was dating. Me being stubborn, I figured that’s they were just being jealous of me. On one particular occasion my friend was walking around the mall and he saw my girlfriend at the time with another guy at a restaurant. At that point he was very confused about whether he should tell me, but he did. I was completely in denial and did not want to believe my friend. Come to find out he was right and I was heart broken.

My friends knew that convincing me to try something with some spice and substance would not be an easy task. In my mind, I figured that they wanted me to try hiring a professional, and that is something that I was not willing to do. One day, my friends all came over to my apartment. They brought beer and so I gladly let them in. They told me that it is time that they showed me where to find personals for sex. I figured that they were out of their minds, but I gave them a chance.

They took me over to my computer and went to a website. They showed me the ins and outs of what I needed to do in order to get going. While they went in the other room to watch a match on the television, I stayed on the computer. I was thrilled with what they showed me. There was a place for me to meet people who just wanted a thrill and nothing else. This concept was something that was so foreign to me, but I quickly got on board.

I met someone on the first day and we communicated for a bit in order to to find out what one another liked/disliked. We decided that we would have to meet, and explore our intimate desires. The experience was spontaneous and scintillating. Neither of us had ever had an encounter like this before. Afterwards, we went our separate ways with no remorse.

I have a new found commitment to my sex life now that I have access to personals for sex. I get what I want when I want it and I never have too worry about the daily requirements of a relationship. Some day I may revisit the idea of a relationship, but for now I’m going to make the most of this experience.