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I was down and out. Work wasn’t going the way I hoped it would and my social life was close to non existent. I mean working all the time, should give me some time to relax. Unfortunately, all work and no play was something that I had gotten completely used to. Today was one of those days that I just wished I could forget. I forgot to set my alarm clock, so I was late leaving home. I had no time to grab my coffee. This horrible start to my day transpired to me not being prepared for my first meeting of the day. My boss called me out on my lack of preparation. This was just a day that I needed to forget.

When I went home, I really wanted to relieve the built up tension that had built up inside of me from my work day. When I looked inside of my little black book, there was just nothing for me. I even tried looking at porn on the Internet, and this action bored me as well. I needed something more hands on. I was stuck, and so I just called it a night and went to bed. The next day, I spoke with a fellow co worker of mine while I was on my lunch break. I told him about the problems that I’ve been experiencing and he told me that he had a solution for me. He introduced me to a website that would allow me view adult photo personals. I just knew that this was a joke and that someone would come from around the corner and say gotcha.

I waited until I got home and then I began to browse a little. When I tell you that I didn’t expect much from this ordeal, it was the absolute truth. I couldn’t have beens more wrong. I found tons of profiles of hotties that were looking for something above their norm. After conversing with one person, she told me that she was so tired of trying to make a relationship work. She told me that she just wanted to experience fun again. I couldn’t have agreed with her more. So, I began spending more time checking out adult photo personals and I was just thrilled with the results.

On my first encounter, I met a beauty at a massage parlor that I always wanted to try with a companion. We made this experience something that neither of us would forget. While there was a break in the massage, we snuck into a secret room and had a fantastic intimate experience. When we were finished, we went back to the massage table and continued to be pampered and relaxed.

Since I’ve placed more of an effort on my sexual endeavors, even my boss has congratulated my work. He told me that I seemed more motivated and it shows in the work that I submit. This calls for a celebration, and I know just where to go to find a companion.